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Intro to Concealed Carry and Defensive Shooting

Intro to Wisconsin Concealed Carry Course and Defensive Shooting Course 
For all levels: beginners to the experienced

* You will earn a CERTIFICATE after taking the course - to be copied and sent in with your Wisconsin Concealed Carry License.

Regular prices:  1 Person  $ 160.00 -    2 Person - $ 320.00


Not an NRA approved course 

  • Handgun Safety Rules
  • 2011 Wisconsin Act 35; Concealed Carry Law, Wisconsin Self-defense laws, and other pertinent laws and licensing information
  • Firearms and Ammunition; revolvers and semi-automatic pistols
  • What is the “right” choice for you (firearm and ammunition)
  • Basic operations of firearms (how to operate, safety, malfunctions, how to make firearm safe, etc.)
  • The importance of continued education, training/leagues, others education classes, NRA Basic Pistol course and how extensive it is and what it covers
  • How to carry concealed; holster, clothing, and carry options
    • What to consider with your daily routine and what you need to plan for
  • Mental preparation;
    • Mindset, awareness, conflict avoidance, fight or flight and how it affects the body reflexes, de-escalation, action, after-effects, self-defense, non-lethal self-defense options,
    • Creating your personal safety plan; home, car, in public for you and your family
  • Justifiable use of deadly force
  • What to expect when you are involved in a shooting
    • Dealing with an unavoidable confrontation/attack
    • How this affects you mentally and physically
  • How to deal with the aftermath and what to expect
    • Again, how this affects you mentally and physically
    • Making the 9-1-1 call, interaction with law enforcement officers, lawyers, etc.
    • The aftermath
  • Continuing your skill development and education
  • Thorough Question and Answer period
  • Introduction to defensive firearms skills, training and tactics
  • *Drills and practice scenarios (including shoot & don’t shoot)
  • Range, firing line safety rules and etiquette (given when range time is booked)


These courses are aimed towards the new and experienced shooters alike.
 We offer a friendly and safe learning environment for everyone. Each of us had to start at the beginning – you are just taking the first step!

We will keep you engaged with demos, scenarios and hands-on training. We will take the time to answer ALL of your questions throughout the course until you feel confident.



4 Hour Courses:               Weeknights & Weekends.  Dates, locations vary and will be updated and posted on the "scheduled                                                classes" page

For more details:             
Contact Andrea at 608-222-9725, andrea@personalguntrainer.com

Registration & Tuition:     Pre-registration and small deposit and/or daily deal coupon code is required. Please mail the attached                                             form or scan and Email to andrea@personalguntrainer.com

* Call or email if the course date is less than one week away. 


Women’s & Private Group courses available. For information regarding discounts or groups of 10 and more (we can come to you), please contact for details.

*  I M P O R T A N T  *

**  Please see Registration page to print out registration form to return to us  **


These courses are aimed towards the new shooter as well as those who have varied experience with firearms and shooting.  We offer a friendly and safe learning environment – you will never feel like you are being spoken down to or made to feel inferior.   Every one of us has started out at the beginning – you are just taking the first step!

WE WILL CHECK WEAPONS upon entering the classroom 


What to bring:

·         Photo ID to show at door

·         Paper/pen for taking notes 

·         There will be short breaks in the class.  Soda and chips are available for purchase at the Hope Rod and Gun Club.  At the VFW, you can order lunch and dinner, however, if you plan to order dinner (at the VFW - weeknights only, you must come 45 minutes to one hour earlier than the class starts).  You may bring your own food/drink/snacks.  If held at Crowne Plaza, there is a Starbucks kiosk open until 11:00 am, or you may bring your own drinks/snacks/lunch.

Optional:  THE FOLLOWING ARE NOT NECESSARY AND CAN BE PROVIDED FOR YOU (please contact us for arrangements)

 ·       Holster (plan to wear in class)

·        Plastic training gun









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