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Range Portion of the Course
(optional, not mandatory to earn your course certificate)

Call or email to schedule your range time with us or for any questions you may have.  

If you do not have a firearm, that is okay, you can make arrangements with us.


Call to Schedule a range date with us!

*  All range session.

Contact Andrea for any questions.  Thank you.

**Range Costs NOT included in the Groupon Deal are (listed per range):**

If you are taking a winter course, but would prefer to take the range portion in the Spring-Fall, just let us know.  


We have different options for indoor ranges aside from what is listed below depending on where you are located.  

Website for Deerfield Pistol:


 Link to Google Map & Directions:



Prices for using the Deerfield Pistol Range vary, please contact us to discuss options (Winter range):
  • $ 15.00 - Orientation fee (if you have never shot at Deerfield Pistol before.  It is a one-time fee)
  • $ 20.00 Range use fee (1 hour)

Optional, and in case you don't have your own gun (fees apply to the Deerfield location only):

  • $ 20.00 - Pistol rental (1 hour)
  • *Cost varies for ammunition by caliber
  •  * Your first visit to the range requires a one-time $15.00 orientation fee, which includes the range tour and a waiver form.

*At Deerfield: Range time is:  You will NEED to SCHEDULE an appointment with us.  Please call or email us to do that.

Plan to bring with you: 

  • Handgun (If you do not have, let me know and we will make arrangements for you to have use of one for the session)
  • Handgun manual (that came with your gun - if you don't have, just let us know)
  • 50 - 100 rounds of ammunition
  • * Eye/Ear protection (disposable hearing protection can be purchased anywhere from .59 to a few dollars at hunting stores, gun shops, or contact me for other places it can be found at - must be specifically for firearms)


·         Gun cleaning kit.  If you want to learn how to clean your gun (or need help with it), we are going to stick around afterwards and will teach/help anyone who wants to learn.


In the range portion of this course you will be taught in a safe, non-intimidating group environment.  Each person will receive as much individual and personalized instruction as possible.  

If you have little or no experience firing guns you may feel apprehensive.  Don’t worry; we will go at a comfortable pace.  You can do it!

We will work with you to help identify problems and issues you may have (stance, flinching, limp wrist, jerking the trigger, etc.) and come up with solutions to help you shoot. 



Everyone who participates in the range portion of the course will receive personal instruction.  Each person’s activities at the gun range will be directed by their comfort and experience level. 

People with little or no shooting experience will become familiar with the safe handling, operation, shooting, and cleaning of their firearm and instruction on basic marksmanship skills (grip, aim, trigger control, etc.).

Experienced shooters will get a refresher in safety, and will be able to hone their skills on some of the defensive shooting techniques and skills that are demonstrated in during the course. 

All shooters will be encouraged to try the “combat accuracy challenge” (a 9” paper plate target set at 10-feet) to get a baseline measurement.

When you come at least 15-20 min prior to your scheduled range time to fill out paperwork, review the rules of safe firearm handling and range instructions prior to shooting, and other things that might need to be addressed.  These rules will be strictly observed at all times, both on and off the range. 


For the Safety of all, anyone committing a serious violation of these rules will be required to leave.



Range information:

Deerfield Pistol & Archery Center
43 North Main Street, Deerfield, WI 53531
(608) 764-2040

Website for Deerfield Pistol:



Directions below are copied from Deerfield Pistol’s website:

From Madison (using the Interstate system):
Take I-94 east towards Milwaukee. Exit onto Highway 73 (about 8 - 10 miles east of Madison). Go south (right) on Highway 73 into the Village of Deerfield. Their range is just past the BP station on your right hand side. Happy shooting!

From Madison (using the Highway 12/18):
Take 12/18 east out of Madison. Take a left on Highway 73 (about 13 - 16 miles east of Madison). Go north on Highway 73 into the Village of Deerfield. Their range is just over a block north of the Bank of Deerfield on the left hand side.


Link to Google Map & Directions



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