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Women’s Only Deal Information

Women’s Only Safety and Defensive Firearm’s 8 hour course
For all levels: beginners to the experienced

$ 250

(you will receive a certificate mailed to you after completion of either course that you can use in applying for your WI CC license)

Not an NRA approved course

“MEN THIS COURSE WOULD BE AN EXCELLENT GIFT FOR YOUR GIRLFRIEND, WIFE, SISTER, MOTHER or DAUGHTER. Show them that their safety is always at the top of your list."

8 hour course, plus *optional 1 hour of range instruction (* an added $ 50 value for free)
(* The option for the 1 hour range instruction fees:  the instruction is part of the deal, however there is a  $ 17 fee for the range time, plus the cost of orientation firearm rental and ammunition if necessary.  These fees are charged by the range, not us.)

This course provides women a comprehensive introduction to firearms SAFETY, the selection, carrying and use of a firearm for protection.  Completion of this course satisfies the training requirement to receive a Wisconsin Concealed Carry License.  

Each participant will receive a copy of the book “The Cornered Cat - A Woman’s Guide to Concealed Carry” by Kathy Jackson, mother, businesswoman and nationally-known firearms instructor - FREE.  (Retail value $19.95)

Women represent the fastest growing segment of the population who are buying firearms, receiving professional instruction, and keeping guns for personal protection.  Many firearms instructors agree that women learn and shoot better than men!  

We provide a fun and non-intimidating, macho-free learning environment with material that is particularly selected for women.  

The goal of our course is to introduce women to firearm safety and their defensive use in a safe learning environment where they are free to ask questions without fear of judgment or the machismo attitude.  This course is designed to address the feminine side of learning firearm safety, selecting, handling, carrying and shooting handguns, awareness & personal protection and so much more.

The course is not simply about guns, but also includes discussions of awareness skills and responding to threats in a manner that empowers a woman to protect herself and her family.  

This course is taught by two nationally certified firearms instructors, one of whom is a woman.  We believe every woman is capable of providing for her own safety and security and that of her loved ones.  Never underestimate the power and ability of a woman!  Don’t believe for a second that you can’t learn to handle a threat to your safety or to shoot well because you are a woman!  In no time you will be challenging your husband, boyfriend, brother or father to keep up with you on the gun range!  Hey - we ARE Women after all!  Your instructors will provide clear instruction, patience, and answers to your questions.

(From one woman to another, believe me when I say you can learn this - you do not have to keep asking the guy in your life to teach you.  By the time you are finished with this course, you will be teaching them!)  

What you will learn:

“Why do you want to carry a gun? - the psychological side of carrying a firearm” discussion, mental preparation, awareness & creating your own safety plan, firearm & range safety, non-lethal forms of self-defense, selecting firearms, ammunition & accessories, firearm mechanisms & operation, strategies for home & personal safety, WI concealed carry & self-defense laws, Conflict avoidance and what happens when it is unavoidable, building your shooting skills, developing defensive shooting skills, concealed carry & concealment, maintenance, scenarios, demos/drills, etc.

When you leave you will:

  • Have a newfound confidence that comes from a knowledge of safe gun handling and shooting.
  • Know the law, how to choose a gun that is right for you, how to handle to avoid or handle threatening situations and to formulate a personal systematic approach to your personal safety.
  • Be able to take advantage of Wisconsin’s concealed carry law:  an option that has greatly expanded our ability to protect ourselves outside of our homes.
  • Have your own copy of “The Cornered Cat” an excellent source of information written by a woman for women.  (Great information for men too!)

You will learn:

  • Firearm safety
  • Safely carrying and storing firearms around children
  • Characteristics and operation of common handguns:  revolver and semi-automatic
  • Important provisions of the Wisconsin concealed carry law
  • Self-defense law and related concepts
  • What to consider when choosing the best gun for YOUR personal protection
  • Physiological and psychological effects experienced during a life-threatening attack
  • The reality of violent encounters versus Hollywood depictions
  • How to respond to violent threats and handle the aftermath
  • Developing basic awareness skills to enhance your safety
  • Various methods of carrying a weapon and choosing the best one for yourself
  • Dressing to conceal a weapon
  • Evaluating your home or other surroundings for security vulnerability
  • How to go to the gun range and train with a gun in a manner that will develop your defensive shooting skills.


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