Please let us know if you have a Groupon that is expiring soon.  We don’t want you to lose out!   Groupon has a 3-month expiration date when you purchase their deal.   

Read more about this at the bottom of the page…

If you purchase the class through us there is no expiration date.

NEW CORONAVIRUS EMERGENCY ORDER UPDATES (please read further down):  (as of 1/3/22)



(you can book private classes with us!  contact me for more information)

(you can book private classes with us!  contact me for more information)

JANUARY 29, 2022 – Only 2 spots left!

FEBRUARY 26, 2022 – Reserve your spot before they are taken!

MARCH 26, 2022 – Reserve your spot before they are taken!

MORE dates coming soon…

If you have a group of at least 8 people we can book you a private class and come to you (within a reasonable distance)

RANGE:  If you are planning to go to the range with us – PLEASE DO NOT WAIT to go out searching for ammo!  Unfortunately, it is hard to find ammo out there right now so please start looking for it immediately.  Contact me if you need help finding ammo or do not have a firearm to use at the range.   I will send you an email on what you will need for what we have available for your use.


The “Face Covering Emergency Order # 6” is now in effect.  Unfortunately, we are still required to wear masks into the Americinn and the conference room we hold our classes in.  I’m sorry about that, it isn’t in our control. 

The  “Face Covering Emergency Order # 6” took effect as of January 3, 2022, and will run through February 1, 2022.  As soon as there are any changes to this forced-upon-us order, I will update you here.  I am sorry about this.  

The mask restriction has been lifted at the Americinn.   If you don’t want to wear a mask when you come into the building or our class you won’t have to.  If you still want or need to wear a mask, please feel free to walk in with one.  No judgments here!   You can let me know ahead of time if you want to make arrangements to be distanced even further from others with your seat and we’ll be happy to work out what we can with you.  

Coffee is being served (which is delicious by the way!) but please feel free to bring your own coffee/non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks/food if you wish.

Thanks and be safe!

Last year Groupon had extended expiration dates during the pandemic.  They have since ended doing that and you will now have to book a class with us PRIOR to your expiration date. 

Please contact me directly to see if we can get you in a class prior to your Groupon expiring – I will do what I can to work with you.   If you cannot get scheduled before your Groupon expires, I might suggest you contact Groupon to get a refund and contact me when you are able to schedule with us in the future.  At least you might not lose your money!

If you have any questions, don’t wait, email us at andrea@personalguntrainer.com and I’ll be happy to help you!

Andrea & Auric


We provide Wisconsin Concealed Carry classes as well as several NRA courses.  We also provide personalized, private firearm instruction and range training (PRIVATE GROUP BOOKINGS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST ).  Our Wisconsin Concealed Carry course will provide the education and certification you need and will allow you to apply for the WI Concealed Carry license.  Whether you are a newbie to this or are experienced, we can provide new and different techniques for you to learn and practice that will fit your lifestyle.  




We are nationally certified firearm instructors with over 50 years of firearm experience.

We offer several NRA courses, as well as the Wisconsin Concealed Carry course (this is not affiliated with the NRA courses).  



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For all general information, questions, class information or scheduling, etc.:

Email – andrea@personalguntrainer.com (You will get a reply within a day)

Or call:

608.222.9725     (All calls will be returned if you leave a message, we promise, we will get back to you)!